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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Well i know i aint blogged for ages but ive been very busy doing very little and its been great! I ve finished my job at the office and im only workin weekends at the moment. Ive been catchin up on the old daytime tv iv missed out on in the last 5 months and ive been gettin alot of shut eye rarely gettin up before 10 o clock ( :

Anywho tonite im goin out for a drink wit Nami and Daz at the SPOONS!!! Im very happy cuz iv been barred from the spoons for ages and now im allowed back in there. All the staff were barred it was soo annoyin!

Tomorrow im goin to town to finish my christmas shoppin wit Daz! I love shopping yay! At the moment im listening to the new Disney classics cd, its quite good actually. Any who gotta go Home and away starts at 6 so i need to get cosy for that lol. byee il blog soon promise! xx

Thursday, November 09, 2006

So in July next year im goin to Africa, and iv decided its about time i started to raise some money.. Im goin to Madascar for a month and im very excited. So i need fundraising ideas!!!!

Anyone got any ideas??????????????????

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

So here it is, my account of the last year with Daz!

So yeah ive always known Daz and his family, but i never use to speak to them, when my dad use to speak to his dad i used to just hide behind my dad, cuz i was very very small and shy and daz and co were were very very big.
Well it all started off at 6th form at Kingsfield, he started goin to the church so it kinda gave us the opportunity to speak to each other. This went on for a while and at this point i didnt fancy him we were mates. Then one day we walked bk from school togeather and i wrote him a note so he cud get out of his last lesson. I dotn remember when i first started to like him but i remember us flirtin on his birthday in town when he was trying to chuck me in the fountains.
So i knew he fancied me for a while and i was wondering when he was gonna ask me out, i waited and waited and waited, and had many conversations with sam about when he was gonna ask. Then on a wednesday nite when i was doin coursework at home and he txt me, i cant remember wot he sed but he didnt ask me out still, so i text him bk asking when he was gonna ask me out lol, i was very too the point. Then he txt me the most lovely things and i sed yes
On thursday nite daz and Dan met us after dance and things were very awkward. I remember the first time we held hands, it was when loads of us were at Weston, we'd been brushin hands for ages and we eventually just did it. Our first kiss was outside darren and saras old house.
So its a year on and now im movin in with him and stuff, weve had our ups and down, 1 breakup and unfortunately his brother passin away and stuff. But were stronger than ever and were gonna spend our whole lifes togeather.

I dont know if anybody else feels like this but i often feel like people see me as a totally different person to what i see myself. I feel like people dont understand me and they see me how they want to. So im gonna tell you who i think i am....

Im confident but im also vulnerable- People dont often see the vulnerable side of me

I hate arguments- Even though people dont see that when i am in an argument, cuz im a very defensive person

i see myself as very determined, adventurous, spontanious

im very honest, and like to look after people, id put anyone before myself.

so who do u guys think i am?... Please be honest...

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Yesterday evening me and Daz sorted out my bedroom. It wasnt fun and there were a few tears, but we got there in the end. Basically i chucked away alot of my things that i hadnt had the heart to chuck away before, cuz mostly every item is a memory. Anyway we ended up with 5 bin bag fulls of my things to throw away, and i wittled down most of my belongings to about 3 boxes. Now most of my stuff is at Dazs house or collected by the binmen this morning, or going to the charity shop.
The next task is to sort out my clothes, The thing is i havent grown in about 5 years so i still have some of my clothes from then lol. I dont even wear half of it and some of it has still got the tags on.
My bed is coming today, being delivered at Dazs, yay! I cant wait. As Loz and Tom has put there daily intake of food for the day on here i thought id do it to

so yesterday i ate:

A Flake Yoghurt
A Packet of Prawn Cocktail crisps
Spag bowl
cadburys chocolate
box of chips with ketchup

oh dear no fruit and veg lol.